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João Alfredo

Logistics Manager - Roge

We have worked together for more than 25 years! An excellent partner, focused on improvement and constant evolution.

Rodolfo Rodrigues

Product and Marketing Analyst Automotive Refinish LA - PPG Industrial do Brasil

VEX always provides excellent service, guaranteeing good storage, control of our promotional materials and giveaway items, helping us operationalize the logistics of our main promotional activities and events while adhering to our deadlines. The VEX team is committed and proactive and quickly answers all inquiries, keeping with the fast-pace of our business.

Laudelino de Oliveira Júnior

Logistics Analyst

Asics Brazil has been operating together with Logística VEX since the beginning of 2011. In the more than 5 years we have done business together, the VEX team has always provided efficient service, executed our lead times ahead of schedule while giving feedback during the entire process, from separation to delivery of materials to their destinations.



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