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Which regions and cities does Vex Logística service?

Vex services the entire state of São Paulo.

Does Vex Logística deliver to private residences?

Yes, we work with diverse E-commerce clients and deliver to private residences throughout the entire state of São Paulo.

What is CIF freight and FOB freight?

CIF - The seller is responsible for the freight.

FOB - The buyer is responsible for paying the freight charges.

What information does Vex need in order to prepare a freight quote for my cargo?

Date of the bill of sale + Amount of the bill of sale + Weight of the bill of sale

Does Vex Logística have complete insurance for any kind of merchandise?

Except for inflammable products, works of art, and precious stones.

Is it possible to see the status of my order?

Is it possible to see the status of my order?

Promotional Logistics

What is a cubit meter and how is it calculated?

The cubic meter is used both for storage and for transport. It is used to measure the space that material occupies both in the warehouse and in the vehicle. It is calculated by multiplying three dimensions: the material’s height, length, and depth.

What is cubed weight and how is it calculated?

Cubed weight is calculated using the material’s cubic meterage multiplied by a cubage factor, which is 300 kg/m³ for road transport and 167 kg/m³ for aerial transport. To calculate freight charges, the weight used is always the greater weight between the cargo’s true weight and its cubed weight.

How are freight charges calculated?

In general, freight charges are calculated based on the amount of the bill of sale multiplied by ADV / GRIS plus the cargo’s weight multiplied by the fee that corresponds to the cargo’s RS/Kg bracket.

What freight options does Vex offer?

We meet the needs of our clients by offering the following freight options: fractional road transport, dedicated road transport, conventional aerial transport, Sedex 10, pick up, and disposal.

Materials Handling

Is materials handing linked (tie-in sales) to a transport operation?

No, materials handing is carried out independently from transport carried out by Vex or by a third party.

Can materials handling services be offered outside of Vex facilities?

Yes, we have a team to offer this service onsite at your company, eliminating the need to transport your material to Vex’s facilities. Contact us for further information about conditions.

Is there is minimum quantity needed to hire materials handling services?

No, this service can be hired for both large and small quantities of material.

How far in advance must I hire your materials handling service?

Vex has qualified professionals available immediately for your project. Contact us for further information about conditions.

After materials handling, can Vex also deliver my material?

Yes, Vex has an internal team that is specialized in logistics, as well as large vehicle fleet. This allows us to carry out deliveries with agility, security, and timeliness. Contact us for further information about conditions.

My promotional campaign has ended. Can Vex disassemble my kits?

Yes, regardless of whether or not the kits were assembled by Vex, we can disassemble your material.

My materials were mixed together. Can Vex help me separate and organize my materials?

Yes, Vex can help you separate, standardize, and identify this type of material.