Promotional Logistics

With a capacity of 15 thousand pallet positions and 22,000 m² of storage space, Vex Logística e Transportes’ operational and administrative team is dedicated to and specialized in meeting the unique needs of clients operating in the promotional segment. All merchandising and activation items, from displays to brochures, are 100% inserting into our WMS system, with picking and bar code scanning. Inventory and order tracking is totally online, making the whole process more efficient.

  • Login and password with personalized access in accordance with the permissions, restrictions and needs of each user.
  • Complete inventory with stock control, photos, lots, and expiration dates.
  • Supplier management carried out by means of campaign planning, complete with timelines for receipt and distribution
  • Monthly management reports on delivery performance and stock fluctuation

With 37 CDAs, or, in other words, distributions points located in between the country’s key cities and capitals, we can service the whole of Brazil with totally flexibility and multimodal transportation: Fractional Road Transport / Dedicated Road Transport / Air Transport Services / Postal Service